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A cloud-based, open standard Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) enables schools to integrate and manage teaching, learning, assessment, collaboration, feedback and learning data analysis holistically, so as to implement and deepen eLearning.

Open, Standardised Learning Management System

  • Online system specifically designed for schools to integrate and manage learning, teaching and assessment in one go
  • Schools can create and manage courses and contents, systematically implementing eLearning in the whole school
  • In the long run, an open VLE system enables teachers to import / export resources from different sources (e.g. materials developed by other teachers and third party apps / materials) for teaching
  • Students complete different learning activities (e.g. assignments, assessment and collaboration) and gain feedback, while their progress and learning data are systematically recorded by the system for the school’s analysis and reference


VLE Pilot Scheme is organised by Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity). The Scheme provides a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for schools, with the following objectives:

  • Build a standardised learning environment by introducing an open, standardised eLearning platform to the education sector in Hong Kong;
  • Enable schools to experience a latest cloud based, open standard VLE system for integrating and managing teaching, learning, assessment, collaboration, feedback and learning data analysis holistically;
  • Enable schools to use third party apps, systems, assessment and teaching resources that are standardised and compatible with others;
  • Share eLearning practices among schools; and
  • Facilitate longer term planning for Hong Kong’s education.

Ultimately, the Scheme aims at implementing and deepening eLearning for the whole school. The Scheme is from 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2018. During the scheme period, the VLE is provided to participating schools for free use by teachers, staff and students.

HKEdCity reserves the right to change the details of the Scheme.